Counseling Resources

These are counselors located in Washington State who we have met with personally and they all have experience dealing with pregnancy/post-partum trauma and/or special needs children (a few of these have even donated their time to speak at our group events).  If you're struggling, remember you are not alone and there are people who can help!  Counseling can make a positive difference for you and your family.  

  1. Laurie Slater (Bellevue) – Laurie Slater was a former Kindering Center Counselor and she worked with families that have kids with special needs. She has come to our SPP meetings to talk on PTSD and Anxiety/Trauma in the past. Phone: 425-260-7509.
  2. Lisa Mennet, Cooper House (Seattle) – Lisa has also spoken at a past SPP meeting about PTSD/Trauma. She is the clinical director at the Cooper House and has interested in the impacts of trauma on early relationships. Phone: (206) 402-3099.
  3. Leslie Butterfield (Seattle) – Leslie is a clinical psychologist specializing in pre/perinatal psychology and women’s health. She has attend SPP meetings and presented on the topic of PTSD/Trauma. Phone: 206-779-7941.
  4. Julie Wood (Bellevue) – note; she may not be accepting new clients. Julie is also a former Kindering Center Counselor and also worked with families that have kids with special needs. She has also come to past SPP meetings to talk about PTSD and anxiety disorders with us. (425) 453-6220.
  5. Fussy Baby Network – Do you need help with your fussy baby and you’re feeling OK but just need some advice/parenting help? Consider contacting the Fussy Baby Network (through the Cooper House).

The following are counselors who have worked with special needs families.  We have not met these providers, but feel they might be worth looking into in the event the others are unavailable.

(If you are a counselor serving Washington state with relevant experience, we would love to hear from you!  Please contact