About Eric & Miri


Eric and Miri Ruthford had their preemie at 22 weeks and 6 days of gestation, which was so early that at first the doctor said he would not provide resuscitation. He changed his mind, and after a five-month NICU stay, Gabriel went home with minimal impairment and is now a thriving pre-schooler teaching himself to read.

Eric has a blog, theydontcry.wordpress.com, where he writes about preemie issues and his efforts to get doctors do a better job of cooperating with families. The Journal of Pediatrics recently published his and Miri's perspectives on improving antenatal counseling in an article entitled "Parent-Physician Partnership at the Edge of Viability," which was co-written with a neonatologist from Florida.

He has also written a memoir about becoming a preemie parent. He is looking for a publisher for the memoir, "Please Cry: A Father's View From Outside the Incubator."