We meet twice a month (EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, WA and Swedish Hospital in Seattle, WA).  We have a moderated closed group on Facebook for our members to privately discuss any topics related to preemies. 

Past Meeting Topics Include:

Jan-19-11 Napping on Mom.jpg
  • PTSD and Anxiety disorders common in parents of preemies with guest counselors specializing in perinatal trauma
  • Feeding/Nutrition Therapy and Interventions
  • Early Intervention: OT, PT, SLP and therapy
  • Sensory Processing Disorder and red flags
  • Learning Disabilities & ADHD with Pediatric Neuropsychologists
  • Baby after having a Preemie: Discussion with Seattle & Eastside Perinatologists
  • How to get your preemie to sleep with Sleep Consultants
  • Prematurity and how it affects tooth development with Pediatric Dentists
  • How to handle insensitive comments about our preemies from friends, family, and strangers
  • “Share Your Story” nights
  • Service Project Nights to benefit area NICUs
  • Ideas for activities in the Seattle area when stuck in RSV/flu season quarantine
  • Group Discussion - "Is This Normal": conversation about the range of emotions from the NICU experience
  • March of Dimes – March For Babies Walk as a team representing Seattle Parents of Preemies
  • Social Events such as park play dates, “Paint & Sip” group nights, pie nights, family picnics, Mom’s Night Out dinners, etc.