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The Pyschology of Feeding with Dr. Danielle Dolezal

  • Swedish Medical Center 747 Broadway Seattle, WA, 98122 United States (map)



We are honored to welcome Dr. Danielle Dolezal, PhD, BCBA-D as she joins us for an informative night about helping children and families who struggle with feeding difficulties.

Her talk is entitled, “It Takes a Village: How a family and team can come together to help children who struggle with feeding difficulties.” In this talk she will discuss how her program has approached providing care to children with complex feeding disorders. Dr. Dolezal is the founder and Clinical Supervisor of the Pediatric Feeding Program at Seattle Children's Autism Center. The Pediatric Feeding team at Seattle Children’s includes nurse practitioners, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, pediatric dieticians, and a behavioral psychology team that includes therapists and psychologists. The program strives to partner with children and families to provide comprehensive care across a continuum of services including (a) interdisciplinary assessment of feeding challenges (b) outpatient therapy, (c) classes for parents and caregivers around the interdisciplinary model, treatment and the psychological influences to food refusal, and (d) intensive outpatient therapy for children who are struggling to make improvements in traditional outpatient therapy. The team works tirelessly to provide individualized and family-centered care by first seeking to understand why a child and family are struggling to eat so that the pathway forward is tailored to their particular needs. Dr. Dolezal will discuss how her team provides a variety of different approaches from the respective disciplines to support positive changes in the child and family.


About the Doctor:

Dr. Dolezal is a child psychologist with specialties in pediatric and behavioral psychology. She also was a teacher with specialties in early childhood and special education coupled with certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the Doctoral level. Her interests include the significance of an interdisciplinary approach that includes psychology to the assessment and treatment of pediatric feeding disorders, the importance of parents as partners to care, the adaption of interventions to support children with complex medical needs and developmental disabilities, supporting children with disabilities who also struggle with severe challenging behavior, and the significance of a holistic approach to assessment and treatment by including infant mental health or behavioral therapists who understand complex medical, developmental and behavioral challenges and childhood anxiety at the onset to care.  

Does your child have any feeding issues? Is your child tube fed or in a feeding therapy program? Does your child struggle with eating enough and/or weight gain? Or eating too much?? Does your child have autism and picky eating? Is your child not making progress in feeding therapy? Are you a parent concerned about nutrition for your child? Do you have a picky eater? Do you have a preemie? If you answered YES to any of these questions - please join us, this talk will be for you! As you can tell - preemies often struggle with feeding issues and it can cause a lot of frustration and anxiety for the caregivers involved.


We meet at Swedish First Hill in GLAZER AUDITORIUM. 747 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98104.

Park in the main garage of Swedish First Hill (747 Broadway). Glaser Auditorium is inside the main hospital building at Swedish FH. From the main lobby, take the hallway on the right of the Starbucks and you will find the auditorium entrance.

Eastside Friends: Want a ride? Please contact Arlene (; we meet in South Kirkland!