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Preemie Parenthood with UW Medicine's Dr. Amritha Bhat

  • EvergreenHealth Medical Center (TAN Building - Room 119 ) 12040 Northeast 128th Street Kirkland, WA, 98034 United States (map)


Your journey on the road of Preemie Parenthood – has it been easy or difficult? Medical complications, diagnoses, lack of support, feelings of hopelessness: most find the journey of preemie parenthood marked with intense situations such as these. Preemie parents often feel a variety of emotions in addition to the joy of becoming a parent: fear, guilt, sadness. Living through difficult experiences and complex emotions as a result of trauma is the reason that preemie parents often struggle with depression, anxiety, or PTSD. What can we do to help improve outcomes for preemie parents collectively; to help others and help ourselves??

It is our honor to host Dr. Amritha Bhat, MBBS, MD, from the University of Washington, for our October SPP Eastside Meeting. Dr. Bhat is working on an exciting project with UW Psychiatry to look at improving supports for Maternal Child Mental Health. She will share information about their program and devote time listening to the parent perspective.

Do you wish you had more emotional support? Are there things that someone in the professional community (NICU, Medical Docs, Specialists) could have done to better equip you emotionally as a preemie parent? Do you still struggle? Is there something you can name that would have helped you? If you answered YES to any of these questions, please be sure to join us and share your story. Your attendance will help shape the future of improved Maternal Child Mental Health services in Washington State and help other preemie families who will someday find themselves traveling the road of Preemie Parenthood.