Trauma of the NICU with Dr. Leslie Butterfield

  • Seattle Children's Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center 1500 116th Avenue Northeast (Room 2207) Bellevue USA

Leslie Butterfield, Ph.D. will join us to talk about PTSD, depression, and other perinatal mood disorders common in preemie parents. She will help guide our conversation and give us some tools in a little "group therapy" session.

At a child's first birthday, approximately 60% of mothers of NICU born children have incidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and/or anxiety as a result of the trauma experienced in the NICU. That's a lot of moms in our population - compared to the 10% incidence rate in the general population of full-term mothers! The trauma of the NICU lasts but we can develop tools to combat symptoms such as anger, hypervigilance, and anxiety.

Nothing compares to the experience of connecting with other parents who understand! It doesn't matter whether you've had a really difficult journey with a micro-preemie or a later term preemie that was "just a gainer/grower"; ALL parents have the right to how they feel and ALL deserve support! Come join us!


We will be meeting at Seattle Children's Bellevue for this meeting! Our conference room is BLV 2207. Park in the free parking garage and take the elevator to the lobby to check in; tell them you're looking for the Seattle Parents of Preemies Group meeting!