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Seattle Parents of Preemies (SPP) is a support group for preemie & NICU parents. It was created in 2013 to address the gap of support parents experience after NICU discharge. We feel no parent should endure the trauma of the NICU alone! 

Our Parents: We welcome anyone desiring support. Our Families are mostly from the Seattle/Puget Sound area however we include those living out of state, especially Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska. NICU staff, community providers, etc are NOT allowed in our group as we want parents to feel secure in sharing without fearing compromised medical care or services for them/their child. There is no cost to parents desiring to join SPP.

Our Children: Our preemies were born prior to 37 weeks gestation or at a later gestation and experienced a prolonged NICU stay. Many preemies face similar challenges as medically-complex children born at full-term gestation.

Our Meetings: We host group meetings at various hospitals in the Seattle/Eastside area. Our members have developed friendships and connections as a result of their attendance at meetings! Details of our events are shared within our private Facebook Group page (you must be a member to access this page). 

Our Private Facebook Group: We host a vibrant, supportive, active, free online group on Facebook. Our online group is a place for parents to encourage each other, provide referrals, and offer each other meaningful support – the kind that can only come from others that understand.   

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